sweedies 101

sweedies 101

your most frequently asked questions, answered. 

what are infused fruit snacks!?

We created the first ever infused fruit snack on the market! What does that mean? Rather than have one (or half of one) infused gummy, you can enjoy an entire pre-portioned fruit snack pouch full of gummies! Each gummy contains an ultra micro-dose of 0.5mg THC and CBD which means you can totally control your experience and effect.
our fruit snacks are not only infused with a balanced ratio of THC and CBD for an ultra-mellow (read: not anxious or paranoid) effect, but enhanced with a full supplemental dose of adaptogens and superfoods to ensure your experience is light, happy, and good-for-you (we mean it–read our reviews!). 

Your gummies are fast-acting–what does that mean?

We use a fast-acting nano-emulsion of both THC and CBD, which is more quickly absorbed by your body. So, rather than a typical 1-2 hour onset period, you will feel effects within 15 minutes. This means you can slowly enjoy your fruit snacks while allowing the effect to set in and achieve your perfect dose...all the more control for you!
how do I dose? 
Everyone approaches this differently! One single-serving pouch (all 10 gummies) contains a 5mg dose of hemp-derived THC and CBD. If you're a first-timer or hesitant, start with half of a pouch (5 gummies) for 2.5mg THC. Each individual has their own tolerance with little way to predict. While most edibles contain 10-20 mg of THC, sweedies are infused with a very low dose (0.5mg per gummy), which allows you to precisely adjust to your preferences/desired effect. 
Some of our customers love to have 1-3 gummies as a microdose before a workout, a run, or before going to bed, and we have heard from many customers that they like to keep a pouch in their purse for a night out, snacking on the gummies throughout the night! 

what do you mean, adaptogenic?

Adaptogens are a class of herbs, mushrooms and minerals that help protect the body from stress-induced dysfunction. Current research suggests that adaptogens work on a cellular level, increasing our cells’ ability to respond to stress. Schisandra, the adaptogen in MoodRings, is used in traditional Chinese medicine to support sustained energy and the body's stress response.

soooooo its legal to order these?

Yes! Under the 2018 Farm Bill. Our products contain hemp-derived cannabis which pertains to Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) extracted from the hemp plant. In accordance with U.S. federal law, our product contains 0.3% or less THC by dry weight.